11 December 2019

Let yourself be seduced by the new SPOON menu by Alain Ducasse!


Shrimps Bombay, Cauliflower Kathmandu, Kassala Chicken: each recipe has its own hometown. With the many steps there are on the spice route, there are also all the subtle variations within the great cuisines of India and the Middle East. Immediate departure on the Silk and Spice Road for a stunning and fragrant experience.

Cumin, ginger, cinnamon, saffron, cardamom and many other flavours are ready to make your head spin. Kathmandu, Pondicherry, Sumatra, Luxor, Isfahan and other steps of the trip....


« Spoon was born from my journeys. Today, I want to share with you this very old story of the flavours of the Middle East that have marked the spice trail. »

Alain Ducasse



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